Anthony McNeill’s Wind-Change & Jamaica’s Dry-Weather People

  Funny, how in a place so prone to changing face, to split-second mind-shifts, that people still oppose a change of weather. For days now Jamaica has been experiencing a shift in it’s usual warmth, and the land and it’s people are quivering. Hard to fathom a Caribbean people who don’t like rain or sun forContinue reading “Anthony McNeill’s Wind-Change & Jamaica’s Dry-Weather People”

Three poems on belonging, departure & return.

This idea of home, a somewhere to belong, is resonant for most, whether this place exists for them or not. We love, long and summon up memories of places we have called our own, that have called us theirs, or haven’t. Our narratives may vary, but always, this idea of belonging moves with, anchors orContinue reading “Three poems on belonging, departure & return.”