Yashika Graham

.Writer. Poet. Narrator.


Yashika Graham is a Jamaican writer, poet and an Executive Member of the Poetry Society of Jamaica, serving as administrator and has hosted it’s monthly poetry fellowships. She has read for audiences in Jamaica; the United States; as part of Jamaica Rising and the Bristol Festival of Literature in the United Kingdom, across Venezuela during the 13th World Festival of Poetry, and in Panama for the Ars Amandi Festival of Poetry. She is an alumna of the Drawing Room Project’s 2016 Writers’ Retreat under the tutelage of Prof. Emeritus Edward Baugh and recipient of a gold medal and the Noteworthy Writer award in the 2016 JCDC Jamaica Creative Writing Competition. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in The Caribbean Writer, POUi, Susumba’s Book Bag,  Moko Magazine, Poesia de Costa A Costa, Anthology of the Ars Amandi Poetry Festival, Panama and will be compiled in her forthcoming first collection. A short film for Directions From The Border, the title poem of her first collection was released in July 2016 and has premiered both online and for live audiences in Jamaica and Panama.

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